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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

I hope you ladies don't mind if I join you. I started researching Weston A. Price after Jennifer (3ladybugs) posted about it on another thread that we both frequent and I noticed that the Nourishing Traditions food recommendations are very similar to what I was taught by my reproductive endocrinologist several years ago. When I learned what they taught me 5 years ago, it made a huge differencein my health and helped me conceive my DD. I'm still doing some of it, but I've gotten off track in a lot of ways and I would like to follow NT more closely. Here's where I am with it:

Already buying organic as much as possible.
Trying to reduce sugar. We currently use a combination of local honey, raw organic cane sugar, Splenda (I know, not good, but we have a strong family history of diabetes, so we use it in our tea), and occasionally pure maple syrup.
Currently buying ultra-pastuerized organic 1% milk. There are no sources of raw milk/dairy in my entire state and my DH is totally freaked out by the thought of unpastuerized milk. Our compromise will be switching to pastuerized (but not UHT) organic 2% milk for now.
Other dairy products are organic when possible (always butter) and at least hormone-free when I can't find organic (usually cheese & yogurt).
Eggs are always at least free-range, if not organic. There is a CSA farm about an hour from my house that has amazing eggs, but I can't get there very often. They deliver within 25 min. of me, but only once/week May-Sept, so I can at least get them during the summer.
Produce is organic when possible and local when possible. We're going to be joining a new CSA farm about 20 min. from our house for produce this summer.
Trying to use whole wheat flour as much as possible. I do still have white flour in the house, but I'm planning to get rid of it by just never buying it again. I buy organic whole grain bread. I have never soaked any grains, so that's something I need to learn more about and start trying.
We do eat breakfast cereals. I limit them to relatively healthy ones, but we need to reduce how often we eat them. I doubt we will eliminate them completely... I just don't think I can live without Cheerios.
We buy all of our beef from a local farm (I justput another 1/4 cow in our freezer last week ). It's pasture-raised and hormone-free. If/when we run out of ground beef, I occasionally buy ground bison at the commissary.
Sometimes get free-range turkey from a local farm, but more often end up just buying supermarket chicken. Chicken farming is huge here... there are more chickens than people in the state of Delaware. LOL
Have been buying supermarket pork, but probably switching to buying it from the local butcher shop that butchers our beef.
We eat a lot of fish, usually in the form of sushi/sashimi in restaurants. Lots of other seafood, too, usually local.
Drinks- I really only drink water, tea that I brew myself, and an occasional glass of wine. My DD drinks water, milk, and watered down 100% juice. I've been trying to eliminate the juice for a while, but my DH keeps buying it.
Cooking oils- We only use organic olive oil and raw organic coconut oil.
Avoiding processed soy products.
Grow our own small garden. Last summer, we had strawberries, tomatoes, summer squash, bush beans, pumpkins, mint, cilantro, basil. We will do something similar this year.

We shop at a variety of places- local farms, farmer's markets, Acme, Redner's, Costco, military commissary... no one place is very big in this area, so I feel like I have to go a million different places to get everything. It's worth it for our health, though. DH and I both have a family histories of diabetes, I have PCOS, we both have other infertility diagnoses, and DH has a documented history of neurological problems due to B12 deficiency... so we have a long list of motivating factors to eat healthy, not to mention trying to keep our DD healthy so that hopefully she won't have all of these problems!

Other things I would like to do:
Trying to get rid of pre-packaged convenience foods and canned foods. I just can't bring myself to waste what's already in the house, but definitely not buying any more of them.
Have never fermented any drinks; would like to give it a try.
Currently eating an occasional Lean Cuisine for lunch at work. I'm picky about getting healthy/realmeat/whole grains ones, but I would like to eliminate it altogether and just eat leftovers and salads for lunch.
We eat out way too much. My first goal is to limit it to once/week. Once we get there consistently, I would like to limit it even more than that.
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