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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

I've mostly heard about the cholesterol particle thing when listening to podcasters who have guests on, with supposed good credentials. Guests with good credentials, that is. They all seem to have letters after their names, degrees and whatnot but I have never actually followed it right up myself.

Australia's not tooo bad, we don't have gmos or hfcs or school lunch programs where hot junky food is the norm but as far as people buying organic, it doesn't generally seem to be a big thing. And cooking from scratch....pancake mix in a bottle, pre-made pancakes, packaged cookies, flavoured milk, soup in a can, all that sort of thing is what most people use. Real butter is bad for you and coconut oil too. Nothing too far out but nothing really progressive either.I don't know anyone who makes their own bread and my friends think I am the ultimate homemaker because I do, and make all our snacks too

I love coming on here and finding like minded people
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