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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

We are a NT family here. Or we try to be Traditional Foods are what I make my meal plan around.
I do sourdough bread for our family, make it myself from Rye and Spelt flour
I'm about to start making my own baby formula as DS is weaning himself and not very interested in nursing anymore. We also try to do most of the NT suggestions per baby food. DS has lots of avacados and egg yokes!
We try to do organic produce whenever it's an option, and grass fed meat.
We love coconut oil! I cook everything with it!
I'm starting my first batches of fermented veggies, starting with sourkraut, kimchi and ginger carrots!
We had chickens in the past but not currently, we're getting them next week though! But they won't be laying for us till summer...and we're getting 2 cows and planting a huge garden this year!

Anyway that doesnt cover it all I know, but we Traditional Foods!
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