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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

Originally Posted by swalker97 View Post
I haven't gotten to read all the posts, but I'm loving this so far. We have really been trying to get rid of all the bad stuff in our house and eat better, but I've been so overwhelmed by all of the information-especially since most of it is anti-animal products. We LOVE meat, cheese, yogurt and milk. I just bought "Nourishing Traditions" for my ipad, but I so wish there was a "quick start guide"! LOL!
This is what we've done so far (any suggestions/advice is GREATLY appreciated):
We get all of our meat from our local CSA (free range, grass fed, etc.)
We get our eggs from our local CSA
We get non-homogenized, low-heat pasteurized mild from our CSA
I'm grinding wheat and making my own bread (but I've been using veg oil)
I've gotten rid of most canned goods (except tomatoes)
I buy mostly fresh veggies, but not always organic

I think that is most of our good efforts for the moment. We still have boxed cereal and pastas (and a bunch of GS cookies right now). Condiments are a big obstacle for me. I try to make as much as I can from scratch, but I do work a fulltime job.
PLEASE help me do better. I am 60lbs overweight and so is DH. I'm tired all the time and feel miserable. I want to look better and NEED to feel better. Still there are seven of us and the food has to TASTE good or I will have a revolt on my hands
you're actually doing really good already I find it easiest to just focus on one thing at a time so it's not too overwhelming. Then after you change/switch one thing/area move onto a different one and then keep repeating. My motto for this whole process is 'small steps that will have a long term, positive impact on our health'.

I also just started running and it's awesome! I haven't exercised in years and I'm so out of shape, but it feels great to get outside (even in the snow lol), and work on improving my health! I started a Couch to 5K support thread down in the healthy living forum if anyone's interested
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