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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

Originally Posted by Mom2ManyBlessings View Post
I do sourdough bread for our family, make it myself from Rye and Spelt flour
I would LOVE this recipe if you were willing to share!

Great thread, I just ordered the book. I'd love to follow traditional eating even more closely now that my daughter is getting close to weaning time.

It wouldn't be too huge an adjustment.

I've only drank water for years. Perhaps once every couple months I have a natural rootbeer OH brings home for me, I enjoy that.
Haven't had white bread for years except the odd sourdough.
I buy free range eggs and just found a source for local.
Margarine hasn't passed my lips (ok, maybe on toast in a restaraunt breakfast!) since I was a teenager when my grandma convinced my mom to switch.
Only use EVOO. (Havent cooked with Coconut Oil but I use it on my daughers skin)

OH edited to add... all my beef comes from my friends ranch. Grass fed. I mostly get it for free... my friend rocks!

I have the challenge of living up North.. north of 60. Food is exxpensive and we're limited. There IS an organic produce club I should look into joining now that I'm home all the time. (I used to drive truck long haul and most of it would have gone to waste.) I'd never be able to find raw dairy... but hey I can do what I can, right?

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