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Well you'l have 2 issues
1) how many diapers will you go through I'd say on average 10-12 for the 2 month old and around 6-8 for the 20 month old so thats 32-40 for 2 days worth and I'd have at least a 1/4 cover ratio for the younger 1/6 for the older...

2) how many to wash at once... Your not likely going to want to wash 40 diapers at once I know I have a xlarge capicity washer I can fit all the bedding on our kig sized bed into it... Yet I wont wash more than 20-25 diaper a few covers and some wipes at the same time.. I coul maybe see up to 30ish past that ans I divide the load.

I'd aim for 3 dozen and start from there.

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