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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

Originally Posted by myfrugalfunlife View Post
I'm have a strict grocery budget ($340 a month for a family of five and we eat all meals from home).
I've just gotten creative-making things from scratch, getting a Costco membership, finding organic produce on the reduced produce rack at Meijer, using my sb gift cards to buy organic/natural items off of Amazon etc etc.

If you have a tight budget, just pick one area to focus on and then go from there Maybe switch out your regular bleached flour to a whole wheat option, or start buying butter instead of margarine etc etc. There's so many things we can do that will have a positive effect on our health
thanks for the encouragement! my grocery budget is similar and we also eat every single meal at home (or pack it). I just got a costco membership recently too and I LOVE it!!

I've been cooking from scratch for quite a while...but felt I could make some great changes when a friend really helped push me into NT style cooking

It has turned out to be even better for my budget and we FEEL soooooo much better (energy levels etc...)

I soak our oatmeal every night in kefir. (2C old fashioned oats and 1/4 c kefir plus 2C warm water) Then I just cook it in 2C more water in the morning.

I buy organic chickens...worth the extra dollar per pound to know that they don't have cancer.....and I poach 2 chickens at the same time in a big stock pot once a week. I freeze half the meat, and put the other half in our fridge to use as "lunchmeat" DH eats this on whole wheat pita pocket with home made saurkraut (NT) as the condiment with sliced tomatos...he likes it better than deli meat sandwich....who knew? It is SO much cheaper and healthier! After I poach the chickens, I use the broth and bones that have been picked clean to make stock....I add vinegar and let it simmer all day, turn off overnight, turn back on in the morning and simmer all day, then cool, strain and store in the freezer in manageable portions to add to recipies.

I also buy organic ground beef and as much produce as i can (but especially spinnach, apples, carrots, potatos and anything on sale)

I sweeten with honey as much as some awesome local raw honey for cheap recently.

I make pumpkin muffins with 100% whole wheat flour (soaked overnight in kefir) and use a very small amount of sugar, plus molassas....I modified an old recipie I had from "before"....and after 3 tries/variations can consistently make pumpkin muffins with a nice, pretty normal, consistency (not bricks). I freeze these and let thaw as needed to give to my kids for breakfast on the go, snack or to supplement a meal when we're having one of "those" days.

We try very hard to avoid white sugar and white flour....we're not perfect, but its been going very well over all

I usually eat leftovers for lunch and the kids eat little bits of lots of things.

I only use butter or olive oil I already HATED margarine with a it was easy to ditch the other veg. oils in my pantry.

As a result of all these super skinny older daughter gained a few pounds and is looking a lot healthier already! My hubby has much more engergy to sustain his PhD workload, I have energy to get through the day without a nap (even though the baby wakes me up all night long to nurse), my milk supply is AWESOME (thank you soaked oatmeal), and my baby has rolls and rolls of chubby cuteness (thank you butter).

I love it! We also do the fermented high vitamin butter oil fish oil stuff (expensive) is nasty tasting...but the kids take it with a spoonful of orange do hubby and I.

I've started making Kombucha....and it is going well It actually tastes pretty good. I've made beet kvass too....which is easy and also tastes pretty good.

I feel like we've found a pretty good system....hope to make more changes in the future....more organic meat and farm raw milk someday....but now isn't the right time for our budget for all of that. I did find that by not buying any more junk food...I could better afford the organic meat and produce that I do buy...which was a happy surprise!
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