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*NEW UPDATE 3/14* Broken rib in late pregnancy = c-section?

*UPDATE 3/14/11 -

I saw a perinatologist today and all systems are go for our homebirth The peri was not worried at all about my rib, and said there is NO RISK to baby and almost no risk at all to myself. So, yay!

*Small update 3/8/11 -

we have an appt with a perinatologist Monday 3/14/11. I'll update afterward.

*UPDATE 3/7/11 -

I have had a few lengthy discussions with my MW and she has consulted with a GYN, and a perinatologist, as well as a few other MWs about the situation.

While a lung puncture can be VERY serious should it happen, there are different severities of lung punctures. Not all are life and death. Some are very small and heal on their own. Others, if the puncture is big enough, are very serious and can cause a lung to collapse.

Thankfully, at this point, unless I suffer another trauma to the same spot, the break should not be serious enough to cause a major puncture or lung collapse.

Also, the odds of a lung puncture occurring as a result of labor is extremely low.

We have an appt with perinatologist soon to discuss our options and to get reassurance that a homebirth is still an option.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and your suggestions.


Anyone have any experience with this?

I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and I broke my (9th on the left) rib coughing last night. I knew it was broken immediately b/c I felt a snap, and immediately I had a lot of pain from that spot. Plus that arae has been really sore in the last week form my heavy coughing.

The ER doc was pretty concerned b/c of the angle of the break that the contractions and force of labor could puncture my lung. He said the words "c-section for safety" or something like that, basically saying that a c/s might be safest to avoid a possible lung puncture.

How likely is something like that to happen? Is it a worst-case-scenerio kind of thing? Or is it a real concern? Anyone know?

I'll be calling my HB MW in about an hour to discuss options with her. But I am so bitter over this. I never wanted to have another baby in a hospital after my first. I had some cute onesies made that say "homebirth baby" etc. on them. I fully anticipated a normal, natural, healthy birth like I've had twice before. And now this. I'm TERRIFIED of surgery and needles. I was having panic attacks just from BEING in the ER last night. I don't know what to think or how to handle this. Please, if you've had any experience like this before, or if you know anything about this, please give your suggestions/advice.

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