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Re: *UPDATE in OP* Broken rib in late pregnancy = c-section?

I still think your risks of surgery are greater than risks of lung puncture. Is it the pushing that they are worried about? I don't understand why a c/s would be less risky....I have had two and they aren't exactly the most gentle things in the world, they push and tug on you pretty hard! Plus I have always gotten sick right before and after the surgery (which is very common) and vomitting with a broken rib would not be fun. I have not vomitted with my VBAC's though I hear some do.

If it IS the pushing they are worried about, why not plan on breathing baby down rather than bearing down hard? Your body will get that baby out, even if you are out cold. That is what they used to do in the old days! My gma was knocked out for all of her births and the baby's just came out with the contractions.

FWIW I broke my tail bone about 2 months before DS3 was born. He was to be my first VBAC and I was so worried I wouldn't be able to do it! Even though I was in so much pain at first, I healed up fine within a few weeks and it didn't complicate my delivery at all.
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