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Re: *UPDATE in OP* Broken rib in late pregnancy = c-section?

I would love to breathe the baby down - but, unfortunately (?) my body pushes on its own. I have no control over it at all and it bears down with such force that I am usually left breathless after a pushing contraction.

At least, this was my experience the last two times. This time could be different, and I'll keep in mind the breathing down if I am able to control it this time.

I don't know if it is the pushing they are concerned about - I think so. But it's irrelevant at this point b/c I think from what I am hearing thus far, the risk of lung puncture is so minimal, it would not outweigh the risks of major abdominal surgery. If my lung DOES puncture, and it is severe enough for a chest tube, the chest tube is less invasive than full blown surgery. So, in that sense, even having a lung collapse is safer. Less painful? I don't know. But safer - less risky.
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