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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

Originally Posted by miss wrangler View Post
so glad to have found this post. Wish there were more like minded mamas in my area... anyone from denver?
Nope, not me either. I am in New Jersey (of all places ). However I did find like minded mama's at the Holistic Mom's Network playgroup I went to. I learned a bunch from them last Friday and as soon as I join ($40 a year) I will go to weekly playgroups with them.

Originally Posted by myfrugalfunlife View Post
never had those either-let me know what they taste like I am trying to incorporate new veggies into our diets-so far this year we've tried kale (in smoothies), and that's about it Maybe I'll try turnips too How are you preparing them? I'd have absolutely no idea what to do with them!

I'm in Michigan and my IRL friends/family think I'm totally nuts lol!
- Yeah! Lets try turnips together!

I agree everyone thinks I am nuts for doing this. Even DH to a certain extent but he says it is my thing, and I am stronger now then I used to be (believe radiation is all out of me) so I have the energy to do this.

Originally Posted by bfuzzy2 View Post
Just delurking a minute to say love this thread. Could someone post the link to the book? I am not sure I am looking at the right thing, I am finding a cookbook on amazon is that it?

Bake kale chips are delicious! My kiddos even ate them, totally had me dumbfounded.

I love to eat turnips raw. I just peel them and cut them up. You dont want turnips that are really big because they tend to be woody.
The link to the book is the first link under books on the first post. It is Nourishing Traditions. It is at a few BN around me and sells it. But I believe the best price is on amazon. It is a 600 page book too. So while I thought about downloading it to my netbook, I decided against it because that would be hard to read on here. Besides I also got The Complete Meat Cookbook which was recommended by the farmer who we are getting our side of beef from. It is also 600 pages. The farmer recommeded TCMC, Nourishing Traditions and The Grass Fed Gourmet. The last one isn't available through amazon, just some people are selling it there. However I did see it at my local whole foods.

Thanks for the tip about the turnips. I will have to ask my father (a former produce guy) if he has any more tips on them too!

Originally Posted by Mom2ManyBlessings View Post
There is a site that is Traditional Foods and gives you a weekly menu/recipies/grocerylist/preperationschedule and the meals are awesome! Its , you sign up for their menu mailers and she sends them out weekly. Recipes never repeat more then every 13 weeks.
Thanks for the link! I will add it to our collection. Please post how you like the recipes after you have made a few.

Just got back from Whole foods, which while on the way there, I decided that I could just use my food processor, and process a whole thing of celery and get the juice from that using cheese cloth. :idea: However once I got there I realized that the beef un-corned is a few dollars more then the beef corned. So that idea is completely out the window! So I am going to just purchase a corned beef this year, till we get our cow. I did splurge and get some lamb for my roast. When we start running out of food this week (likely tomorrow), we are going to be getting into beef roasts that I have made and froze. So that would be a bit too much to have that much beef roast for us. I also got the sourkrout that they recommend, chicken legs (less the $3 thought that was great for a meal) and .5 lbs bacon. So I am at $50 so far and I need to order my coconut oil yet today. Milk order will be about $50 too. However then all I will need is seafood (I know ways to save there) and produce. So that shouldn't be bad... I hope.

ETA How ironic! I just did my subscribe and save order from Amazon for coconut oil and it should be here only a day after my NT book comes... March 11. I ordered the NT book On Thursday night or Friday morning.
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