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Re: Ideal newborn stash (#)

right now i have

12 preemie prefolds
6 unknown wahm nb fitteds
36 infant prefolds
7 various small fitteds
12 nb covers (pul/wool wraps and one pair of shorties)- i think thats too many, but i was given some and ended up with more than i expected. better too many than not enough, lol
9 small covers and 1 wool wrap- again some i was given, and i'd like to try some more wool if i like the nb stuff, so i might end up with a few more.

everything but the prefolds i bought used here. the prefolds i got as seconds from the covers are a mish mash of things so i can try and find what i like. i'll sell back what i dont and buy more of what i do

oh, and i forgot my onesizes i have 6 bg2.0, 4 little lambs, and im waiting on 5 haute pockets. im going to use those for church nursery and stuff like that, and hopefully they really will last til potty training, lol
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