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Re: What is your plan/schedule/routine to get housework done?

More recently, I just get DH to pick up some of the slack, but some things that have helped me
1) I wake up about 10 minutes early and I throw a load of diapers on a cold prewash and I throw my work clothes in the dryer (to fluff them-Ive learned I can save time by fluffing instead of ironing).
2) Before I leave for work, I set the "delay wash" setting for the diapers so they will be finished washing when I (or DH) get home from work. He or I then hangs diapers when we get home
3) Invest in a crock pot with a "delay setting" and an "easy/busy people's crock pot cook book". This way you will be able to throw everything in before you leave for work, set the delay setting to start at a certain time and dinner will be done when you get home without the worry of burning down the home.
4) Make homemade babyfood in BULK and freeze (I freeze about a month's worth)
5) Invest in as many reusable products as possible-means less errands for you running out to buy things-e.g., mamacloth, family cloth, glass storage jars etc
6) Simplify your diet and life. Ive simplified my work wardrobe to make ironing/picking an outfit less time consuming. Ive adopted a primarily vegan/plant based diet b/c it makes packing my lunch for work so much simpler-I eat a lot of beans and rice for lunch and honestly, I havent tired of it yet.
7) Only worry about the big cleaning on weekends (e.g., floors/bathrooms)
8) Do the little cleaning as you go (e.g, counters and picking up things from the floors)
9) I/DH do at least one load of laundry (in addition to diapers)/day after work. It keeps things caught up and prevents you from having that "laundry day" over the weekend-I prefer to relax on my weekends.
10) Before I pick DS up from daycare, I go home for 15 minutes. In this time, believe it or not, I am able to do a lot because my attention is undivided. I can unload the diswasher, straighen up a bit, finish up dinner (or throw it in the oven), pack DS bottles/food/bags for the next day, and sometimes even get a quick shower so when I pick DS up I can give him undivided attention for the rest of the night.

This has worked well for me so far-especially with DH's help-even better
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