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Re: What is your plan/schedule/routine to get housework done?

I do a little bit daily. DH will do the dishes if the sink is full and he wakes up early enough (no dishwasher here and he works nights while I work days) and he is also in charge of the trash. He cleans the kitty litter daily.

It also gets easier for me because my son is now 3.

I wake up early, shower, get ready for work, start lunch for DH and DS.This means I have to wake up an hour and a half earlier than I usually would.

Immediately after work I will tackle the dishes, if any, sweep (we don't wear shoes in the house), tidy up any toys, and start dinner. I play with DS, have him help put away his toys, and will start on laundry.

As you can imagine, there's a lot of bustling around. DH bathes DS while he gets ready for work himself, and I will iron his uniform and my own clothes for the next day.

I do all this in less than an hour, completely interrupted so I can tend to DS, and save the bigger tasks for the weekend.
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