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Re: Need some advise

That's a hard one. It seems that she would know that she needs to be nursing now but maybe with all things going on she's not really thinking about what it could do to her supply. I would def. TRY to somehow bring it up that it could cause MAJOR problems. In my opinion though those kind of ppl aren't going to nurse anyway cuz they see formula as the SAME Thing even though we KNOW it's not. She may but it's gonna be hard if the baby is already getting bottles and she's not nursing her milk will not be there if she's not getting it out. Is she at least pumping? Maybe you could as her about that and then explain WHY if she doesn't understand that she needs to tell her body to make the milk.

I do the same thing about sounding judgemental when I'm REALLY trying to ONLY help, especially with breastfeeding. There aren't many ppl who bf around here I'm the ONLY person IRL nrusing a toddler. 6 months is about the longest you hear of. Anyway I'm really trying to help my SIL out without being too upfront about it but I think sometimes I do come off that way, however I just want her to have this GREAT experience that I have had with my dd, KWIM? Good luck though, I totally know how you feel!
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