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Re: I feel so guilty :(

I have the opposite situation. Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl. I think I felt a lot of disappointment that we were not having another boy. It was really eating me up, how was I going to tell my son? But then we told him and he said "oh good, I didn't want to share my room or my toys, I am going to be the only special boy in the family." Suddenly it didn't seem to matter as much anymore that he was going to be the only boy. After we got used to the idea that estrogen was going to dominate our home, we realized that we really didn't even care that much. Honestly our desire to have even boys/girls turned out to be more of our concern what other people were going to think/say. We didn't even realize initially that, that was one of the big reasons behind our concern.

My advice, for whatever it is worth. Go ahead and grieve the little one you won't be having, get it out of your system. Then evaluate your feelings on the matter, deal with those feelings. Then you will be ready to go ahead and embrace the coming baby. Buy a few new things for the baby (even though you probably have plenty of boy things) and just embrace him for who he is. Look at your two sons and note all of the differences in their personalities and know that this little one will be his own person too. It isn't like you will have three of the exact same thing. Embrace the testosterone that will ultimately be flowing through your house and plan to install a urinal.

Hugs! You will see this little baby and just absolutely fall in love. So don't stress too much.
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