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Re: I feel so guilty :(

Originally Posted by hippieintraining View Post
I'm kinda with you! I'm convinced I'm having a boy (though don't know for sure) and am already a bit sad that I'm not getting my girl... but same, will be thrilled that my 15 month old DS will have a brother so close to his age.

My SIL went through GD pretty badly. She didn't find out with any of her three boys. When her DS3 was born, she wouldn't talk to anyone for days. She said she was in a really dark place, and really wish she had found out his gender ahead of time, to prepare herself. Almost two years later, she admits she's a bit sad she never got her girl, but she loves her boys so much, it's no issue.

Like another person commented, this is why I wanted to find out beforehand b/c I don't want to be sad on one of the most special days of our lives. My husband doesn't know that I know. I didn't tell him I found out. He didn't want to know the sex of the baby anyways, but I did so I was planning on having them write it down on a piece of paper and read it after the sonogram appt. I plan on keeping it a secret so nobody will blow it for my husband's surprise. I know he will be happy either way, so he won't have that disappointment that I am having.
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