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My DS is ~4 months old and has been increasingly fussy lately. Hes definately thriving and growing well, but is just unhappy otherwise. He has reflux, and has gotten a little better on the Zantac (hes been on it for over a month now) but the past 2 days hes had mucousy stools. My ped. suggested to stop nursing (of course) and to try him on Nutramigen. I really dont want to wean him but weve had one problem after another nursing (hes my third baby and definately the hardest so far.) The other thing she suggested was to take out all dairy fromy my diet (so to start an elimination diet) and see if he improves with that. The thing Im wondering is if it is a food allergy why did the mucous in the stools just start up all of a sudden? I would think that it would have been happening all along? And also he has a runny nose and a lot of phelm, is it possible that hes just swallowing it and its coming out in his BMs? Any help or advice is appreciated.
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