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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
How did your yogurt turn out? I tested my crockpot and mine gets too hot. However I am always up for a new kitchen gadget, so I am thinking of getting a yogurt maker.

I hope your garden plans went well! We should be starting to work on that next weekend.
Didn't get to the yogurt making. When I got up yesterday I found that the two gallons of milk I bought on Thursday night were gone! So I had to buy three more yesterday. I'm going to attempt it today.

We got the beds cleaned out and I'm going to plant lettuce and spinach today. Might plant some tomatoes inside for transplant later.

Originally Posted by 2queens&1princenmyhouse View Post
I use Kitchen Stewardship's recipe for granola. I'm not sure how NT it is, but I'm sure it could be modified to suit.

I make yogurt in my crockpot, a gallon every other week. I look more at the temp than at the time. The milk needs to reach 180 degrees (it takes about 2.5 hours in my crockpot and I think it heats fast/runs hot). Then wait until it gets to 110 degrees (that takes about 4 hours-if you miss the window, just heat it back up again). Mix your starter with a small amount of the warm milk to temper it and dump it all in the cp, stir it up and I wrap the whole thing in a big fleece blanket and leave it for 8-12 hours. I know that you can divide it into jars and flavor it, but since my biggest use is in smoothies, I just keep it plain and add fruit before blending. I also use it as a sour cream replacement by straining extra whey out of it (I use a diaper flat in a strainer). I save the whey to put in things like pancakes and muffins (could I soak my flour in whey?)
Thanks for the granola recipe, I'll see if I can try that today (with modifications).
That is pretty much the same recipe I'm trying for yogurt-wish me luck

I had so much fun at the bread class yesterday and learned a lot about what I'm doing wrong. Plus we learned how to make peanut butter and got to bring a jar home.
The big problem is that I now NEED two new kitchen gadgets Although DH doesn't quite agree.

Not sure about the rest of the meals, but for dinner I will be making Pot Roast (using the JOC recipe) with a grass fed rump roast.
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