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Re: Burning skin?

I've had skin pain before, it feels like a burn or a cut to the touch, but there is nothing there. It wasn't just one spot though, it would go away after a few days and then come back somewhere else a few days later. I googled and couldn't find anything about skin pain. I went to my PCP and I had some labs done, and an MRI. We found that I had hypothyroidism. I would suggest asking your doctor to check your thyroid levels. I've never heard of this a symptom of hypothyroid, but apparently it was a symptom for me. As soon as I started on Synthroid the skin pain went away, and it only came back months later when I needed to increase my Synthroid.

ETA--This all happened just after (a couple weeks after) DD#3 was born. I also have sciatic and RLS during pregnancy.
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