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Re: Naming baby a similar name as cousin.. thoughts?

Originally Posted by My Sweet Blessings View Post
Ok, here is the thing. I have this child that is going to be born in 12 days or less. DH and I have been going round and round with names... there are very few we like or can even live with. We've pretty much come down to 2 names. Eric and Kevin. We have not even THOUGHT of a middle name, yet. He likes both names. I much prefer Kevin over Eric, but that presents a special situation. Our nephew is named Evan. Kevin and Evan rhyme. We talked to DH's sister the other day to get her thoughts on it because Evan is her child. She has ZERO problems with us using Kevin. She was like, "You can even name him Evan and it won't bother me!" I just keep thinking about someone calling out for one of the boys and there will be that whole confusion of "did you say Evan or Kevin?" So, anyway... is it strange to name the child Kevin when his cousin is Evan? too close? not a big deal? what?
I would definately use mention talking to DH's sister, which also would mean the babies have different last names too, I have 2 cousins with the same name, it just happened to be a popular name at the time and the relatives only got together at Christmas so didn't think it was a big deal...
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