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Re: Adopt a Newbie!!!! Please repost after #1800 if you still need a BS

Looking for a big sister/sisters!

My name is Alix and I am 24, currently a stay at home-schooling mom of a soon to be 7 year old boy with another due in 8 weeks. I am an off and on student, minimalist, alternative thinker, and lover of all things wild and free. I used to be a traveling kid and I lived off-grid in the middle of nowhere for 5 years and loved it. Built my own little adobe dome home and garden and hitched to and from town monthly or less to stock up on supplies. I am hoping to move back soon after the birth, but nothing's set in stone.

I used CDs with my first but was limited to gerber prefolds and plastic covers so I am still pretty new to everything. I have begun a small stash of os pockets, mostly impulse buys, and and am debating on selling them for a small NB stash and prefolds and flats.

I carried my first in a snugli and am curious about better options. I like the NB wraps and buckle carriers but would like to learn about others.

I am also interested in homeschooling guidance for 7yrs and up, curriculum, routine, ideas, etc.

Let me know if you are available to help with any of the above, thanks!!
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