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I know the feeling, sigh and hugs. I would do just about anything for a bowl of cereal with milk. Alas, I know the consequences for my baby. Here is what I have done this time around because dd seems to have milk protein allergy like ds did.
I cut out all dairy. But about 3 weeks ago I started eating a yo baby yogurt every other day, until I was able to have one everyday without seeing effects to dd. Yobaby yogurts have the proteins partially broken down. Last week I had a cheese stick twice, probably have another today. Slowly I am introducing the protein into her diet to see how much she can handle. I did this with ds and he could eat dairy by 12m. Milk he was not able to handle until a few months ago, now it mostly makes his poop real hard and he is 27m. He still drinks soy, but I give him milk if we go out to eat and the rest doesn't have soy.
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