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Re: dairy issues AGAIN:( need encouragement

Hey mama, I'm dairy free by choice, and sometimes it is really hard. I think there's often a mourning period to go through when you make a shift like this because, well, cheese tastes good, and dairy is so much a part of our diets.

My favorite products are unsweetened vanilla almond milk for me, for cereal, baking, and other substitutions. I don't actually drink it straight, but I'm sure it would be fine for that as well. (For toddlers to drink, I'd recommend something like coconut milk or hemp milk for the added nutritional value.)

I also like So Delicious coconut milk yogurt. It's really tasty and my DD likes it, too.

We use Earth Balance spread--there are some varieties that are dairy free and soy free, so just read the labels until you find one that doesn't have any offending ingredients in it.

I haven't found a cheese substitute that I like. A lot of times, like on a burrito or something, avocado provides the same kind of mouthfeel as cheese would. This will sound strange, but peanut butter can do the trick, too. I like refried beans with peanut butter on tortillas. Weird, I know, but tasty.
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