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Re: dairy issues AGAIN:( need encouragement

Originally Posted by Marbie View Post
I'm so sorry he seems to be having dairy issues too! I am in a similar boat, although my babies don't seem to react as much as yours. I announced last night I was going to try going off dairy, so we'll see how it goes.

So how sure are you that it's dairy? Can you go off dairy for a couple if weeks and see if it makes a difference and if it's worth it to you? If you really don't want to go off dairy, what are your other options? Good luck!
At this point it is looking more and more like dairy, but sort of a gradual onset (over a couple of months) of the same symptoms as my other son. I am going to commit to a month-long experiment and see what happens. I found that last time I had to stick with it for 10 days to 2 weeks for his symptoms to clear up. That's why it took so long fo rme to figure it out before: I woudld eliminate it for 2-3 days and his symptoms continued, so I would conclude that dairy wasn't the culprit. At least this time I will know to wait longer. I'm still praying to be proven wrong on this one!

Thank you for the encouragement, ladies. I was tickled to discover today that Taco Bell's fresco tacos (which they didn't have before) are cheese-free. That made me feel a little better I will try the other products you all suggested, too. I do mourn and I am a dairy LOVER (homemade yogurt...yum), which is probably part of the reason this happens
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