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Re: Uh, why did this change? Body of pm's not showing in notification emails

I am going to voice what will probably be a very unpopular opinion here. I actually can;t believe there are so many grown women complaining (and even becoming rude and aggressive) about something so trivial. This site doesn't have to cater to any one group of members. For every one of you who has expressed such displeasure with the change I am sure there are many more who either agree that it is a good thing or simply don't think it is that big of a deal.

I, for one, think it is a good idea. Yes, it adds more work to my fsoting here. Yes, it can be a bit more inconvenient at times. But it really isn't something to get in a big uproar over. If this small change can really help even 1 or 2 mamas then it is worth it.

It was actually a benefit for me. I was in a crappy transaction. I sent a pm about it to the seller. Had she been able to read the pm in her email she would have likely not opened it here. The time stamp I received when she did open it helped me win my case with PayPal. I would not have had that time stamp had she been able to read my pm via email.
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