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Re: Uh, why did this change? Body of pm's not showing in notification emails

Originally Posted by emmaluv+1more View Post
I actually can;t believe there are so many grown women complaining (and even becoming rude and aggressive) about something so trivial.
Emmaluv, by saying this, are you suggesting that grown women shouldn't complain about something that they are unhappy about? If so, how are people to go about getting something changed?

Sure, it's not the worst problem in the world, but it's certainly an inconvenience.

I can think of one time where my email actually helped me get the measurement details from an old pm for an item I had custom knit for my son that the knitter had accidentally knit to the wrong measurements. (She was very nice and fixed it)

That is great that the time stamp helped you with your paypal case, but the email change might not have had anything to do with that. She might have logged in and read the message anyway.

I guess I have been lucky, but I've had no issue with scammers as of yet. I think they are very much in the minority here.

Does anyone know if there was a sticky or a formal thread announcing this change? If so, what's the link? Was there any sort of warning before the change?
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