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Re: What's the cutest 'bad' thing your child has said?

my daughter calls her brother son all the time like that too. she'll be 4 in may

we don't typically use "bad" language around our kids much but the music we listen to is filled with it. we kind of shrug it off.

one time we were watchin tv and there was a movie preview and they said oooooooooo ddaaaaaaaaa***nnnn. she was about 2 at the time and she copied it.. it was sooo funny.

but back to the music, she was just dancing around just now and she said mom "look at me now.. ooooooo.. i'm gettin papperr ooo im fresher than a motherfuc***"

yea umm.. caught me completely off guard and it was hard for me not to laugh.

one time she asked my mom "what the he** is your problem?"

she rubs my butt and says "mom i like your butt, it's beautiful" lol.
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