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Re: ~~Monkey Butt Soap Bits~~Liquid Wipes Solution~~BABY BAFF BARS~

Hello everyone!
I am feeling quite a bit better and I am working on getting everything caught up with my customers and their orders. Most everyone's orders are in the mail (Except WAHM samples packages-still working on putting them together). Thanks for all being so patient with me and my illness.

I am officially out of my Baby Baff Bars! Never fear, I will be back soon with more and more soap bits will be on the way as well. I am shooting for new stuff to be ready in about 1 month.

I still have more testing to do from the doctors, but at the moment I am feeling so much better! I can't wait to get back to making new stuff soon.

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Monkey Butt Designs is on Hyena Cart. Home of Kim's Famous Monkey Butt Soap Bits/Cloth Wipes solution. Created in 2006.

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