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Re: Intervention to end BFing?!

Originally Posted by rachelmaria View Post
Well, that sounds like the silliest intervention ever! Interventions are supposed to be for people with REAL problems! I recommend reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, a LLL book, and finding a support meeting near you. I also suggest you tell your sister and bff to do the same - read the book and attend some meetings. Heck, in my town, the LLL senior leaders even post their phone numbers on the LLL website and mamas can just call with questions!

One of my tactics in avoiding other people telling me what to do is A. doing my homework, and B. talk about my decisions in the norm, despite it not being "socially accepted". So, when I said I was having a homebirth, I just talked about it casually as if nothing was odd about it. If I was questioned about it, I can easily mention the statistics that show c-sections are way out of balance here in the USA due to drug intervention. I can casually talk about the millenia of women who have been birthing in the bush before I was even born.
When I talk about breast-feeding, I have no problem saying I hope hope hope that my daughter breastfeeds for at least two years. It's all in the tone -- "well, obviously I'd want to BF for as long as possible, wouldn't you??" Not with an elitist tone, but what you are implying is wouldn't you want what is best for your kid for as long as possible?? And I've gotten very little resistance. If I get any "oh that's weird!!" kind of comments, I remind them that when a kid is 18 months, it's not an EBF baby. It will eat solids, but when it falls and bonks its head or wants to go to sleep, nursing is there to help them.

I've also found that using the "sleep card" works wonders. "Ew! You co-sleep! That sounds so dangerous! Don't you want your alone time?" And I can reply with, "Well, however my daughter falls asleep is how it's going to be because I want to sleep!" This could be used for nursing for sure. Who doesn't love the power of the boob and the magic of nursing down?!?!
I love your signature..."livin in sin" I guess I'm going to h3ll too

Your approach is very similar to mine. When I'm questioned, or talking about my almost 2 y/o nursing, or co-sleeping I do it in a very casual, confident way, with a smile. This tells people that I'm happy with the way things work, and therefore, I really don't care what you think

I will say, that after 2 years of nursing to sleep and being the only person who can put her down for a nap or to bed.....I will NOT be doing that with my next child. My parter will be putting the next one down 50% of the time because Violet will absolutely not let anyone else put her to sleep, except the one with the boob. It's nice for a while, but It would be really nice if I could get a break once in a while. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to put her to bed and then she will often wake up multiple times when she realizes I'm not in the bed with her. Not so cute after 2 years. I have things I would like to do after she goes to sleep!! I think I will nurse, then hand off to dad and he can put the next one down 50%. As much as I love nursing my baby to sleep. She's driving me nutzo right now

OP- It sounds like your sister is highly misinformed and I agree, jealous. Obviously BF'ing is not only about nutrition, but in your case it absolutely is. For my dd, it was crucial that I BF her throughout this winter during RSV/flu season because she's a micropreemie and needed my antibodies. I feel like women who have never BF have no idea what an amazing experience it is, therefor can't imagine why we would want to do it for so long. I'm happy to hear your not letting her waver your decision to BF as long as your son agrees
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