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Re: Weaning from bottle HELP PLEASE

Hey there. My DD is doing the same. She's 13 months but my other daughter just went right to a sippy cup at her 1st birthday no problem. This kiddo throws any sippy cups she's offered and I've got her to drink out of them when I force them in her mouth (nicely but you know do it all for her) and she's good with a regular cup for a few sips too. But she gets frustrated and wants the bottle back. She won't even TRY to learn how to suck from the sippy cup. I just keep offering and when she gets too frustrated, I give her the bottle. My pediatrician says they should be off the bottle by 15 months for good teeth development and I really wanted her off by 12 because it worked great for my 1st DD but this kid is stubborn! I also don't like seeing 2 & 3 year olds walking around with bottles because I know it's not good for their teeth. My kid can't really understand the, "Let's throw these away," idea but my 1st DD did well with that at 15 months for her pacifiers, so maybe this kid will be able to be off the bottle at that age with that reasoning. "Oops, no more bottles!" Good luck! You're not alone!
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