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Thrush? Breast itching. Very fussy baby. Excessive letdown!

Hey girls. This is my third BF child, but I haven't experienced this before. My baby girls and I are having issues. I itch! It's not too bad yet but I'm pretty sure it is yeast. Meredith has been super fussy for the last week or so. It started with fussing at the breast then it grew to crying every waking moment. She kicks her feet, throws her hands and just screams. Nothing seems to make her feel better and I have tried EVERYTHING! I noticed that she has a white tongue so I assume that she has thrush. It's the weekend so I don't have anyone to look at her or me. Any thoughts on my situation? Am I diagnosing wrong? It's not a burp issue actually she gets more upset when she does burp with our facilitation. We are better off letting her sit up and giving her very little motion and after 10 min or so she will burp herself. Oh, she is only 3 weeks old.

Secondly, any advise on frequent excessive letdown? I feel like I caused the yeast because of the pads that I am wearing but if I don't wear them I will SOAK my shirt and pants every 10 minutes or so. I've never had this problem and I am going to go crazy if I don't find a solution quick. These pads make me itch. UGH!!!
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