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Re: How did you tell?

With DS, I was like you OP! It was Christmas morning and was 2 days late on my period. I had tested negative a few days earlier but since I had no signs of a period, I decided to test again. I woke up around 5am also and went to the bathroom and sure enough, there was the line. That was such an amazing moment. I went and jumped on DH too!

DD was more of an oops. We DTD without protection on day 6 and day 8 of my cycle. I should have had at least another week before ovulating so I really didn't even think I could be pregnant. A few weeks later we were in Oklahoma visiting family. We were at the hotel getting ready to head home and then DH surprised me and said we were sending DS home with his mom and he was taking me to a casino for the night. I figured I would be having a drink or 2 and then I remembered that my period was due that day and hadn't come yet. We decided I should test to make sure I was safe to have a drink, and we fully expected it to be negative. DH was sitting on the hotel bed and had zoned into watching TV, like not even thinking about the possibilty of it being positive. I was so surprised, I just walked out of the bathroom and just stood in front of DH and showed it to him without really saying anything. It was a really good surprise though!
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