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Re: August 2009 Babies ~ Happy Birthday!!

Heather - welcome back! I bet you had a great time. That is so funny about the carriers though. I would think that they would have had some cool ones over there!

Crissi - They took Aiden's temp with the temporal thermometer and that is what I was using as well, except they have the more expensive hospital grade version. It is usually extremely accurate for me so I think they just didn't scan him well. I too tend to try to hold off on medicating except at night when we all just need to sleep. I agree that it is best to let the fever do it's thing. This concept seems so foreign to so many advise nurses I've talked to over the phone, or friends I've talked to. So it is nice to hear that there are a bunch of us in our group that actually medicate at the first sign of a fever!!!

Today his temp only got up to 101.7 and to look at him you would have never thought he had a fever. So I think he is on the mend. He did miss his first swimming lesson though. But Averie had a blast!

Oh, and I should add that we gave up on the toddler bed idea. He is too much of a danger to himself right now to leave him up to his own devices in a room by himself. So the kid has a crib tent over his crib now. He thought it was so cool when it was on the floor. And then when it was on his bed unzipped he wanted in. He still thought it was cool. Then we zipped it closed and he realized that he was stuck uh...not so cool He usually throws his pillow and blanket out of his crib when he gets upset, but he couldn't even do that. Yeah, he wasn't thrilled with his cool tent anymore. But he did lie down and go to sleep in record time! I kinda feel super happy and like a bad mom all at the same time
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