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Re: August 2009 Babies ~ Happy Birthday!!

Heather, it sounds like you had an awesome trip. I have hand washed a few times but if I was going to do that for two weeks I think I would only use prefolds and flats. It would be much easier. I am not really that surprised about the carriers though. It is sad actually.

Carolyn, Sorry Aiden is back in the crib and now is not happy with it. We have had good luck being out of the crib but their room is about five steps from mine so I know as soon as they are up and they just don't get the time really to cause a bunch of trouble usually. First thing in the morning he spends his time petting the dog that sleeps with him so it generally gives me a few minutes before he is scaling the walls or changing table.

AFM, I did have a great day. We ended up not going to the movies and got redbox instead. It was nice. I ended up just not feeling like I could sit still for the whole time. We also made lasagna and had some friends over for dinner. I felt bad because one had given up alcohol for Lent and another gave up Cheese so each was tempted by dinner. Over all it was nice though. I hope you all have a good day.
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