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Re: Thrush? Breast itching. Very fussy baby. Excessive letdown!

Definitely sounds like thrush! If you or Meredith had antibiotics at all during labor or after birth, then you'd be especially susceptible. Start on some good probiotics (take acidophilus, you can give it to baby too by opening the caplet, getting your finger wet, dipping it in the powder and have her suck it off, or just put it on your nipple before nursing). This will help increase the good bacteria in your systems and help get rid of the yeast. On your own, you can try gentian violet--most pharmacies have it. It gets painted on her tongue and on your nipples, but avoid using it for more than just a few days. It does stain everything purple, just so you're aware. It sounds like it's already progressed into a pretty bad case, though, so it would be a good idea to call your baby's doctor on Monday and get prescriptions--baby for a topical medication, you with a topical and/or oral fluconizole. There are a lot of possiblities out there for treating thrush. I'd suggest calling your local LLL Leader tomorrow (find the number at and she can tell you about different possiblities you may want to ask your doctor about as well as things to do in the meantime.
Also search the LLL website for info. about thrush. In the meantime, change nursing pads very frequently, leave nipples open to the air as much as possible, wash baby's hands frequently if she puts them in her mouth (otherwise she'll keep reinfecting herself during the treatment), boil any pacifiers and pump parts after use, wash your bath towels after every use---basically anything you can do to prevent reinfection.
You may also want to lower/eliminate your sugar consumption because the yeast feeds off of sugar.
I hope you get rid of this quickly! What a pain to deal with when you're trying to enjoy life with your beautiful newborn! Hopefully the nursing is smooth sailing as soon as you beat this!
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