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Re: How did you tell?

ODD we bought the test together.....we had been trying and I was late..and it was christmas eve SO as soon as I took it I told him what it said...his parents where there also so not a huge secreat
we told my parents that night at the christmas eve service and my dad had the nerve to ask HOW it happened

YDD....we saw each other my fertile time that month and that was it...(actually only for 2 days) I was visiting family while he was moving our stuff....anyways....he knew I was prego before I knew....and I waited till I was late...and still didn't believe sister knew I was testing (along with DH) so she knew before he did....I called him on the phone and told him...
my mom also knew before I did so she wasn't surprised....his mom on the other hand was couldn't figure it out....but then I explained to her I had seen him while visiting family she was like Oh

this time....we had been trying for 11 body was acting wierd and everything...and I had a hunch I was prego, we where starting the test to make sure something hadn't changed in the last 4 years since ydd was born...and he actually went in that morning to do "HIS test"....he came home and I told him " there's nothing wrong with you" he's like huh? how do you know did they call? nope dear...we're prego!

this time we had to Skype the parents to tell them....we live a bit too far away to be able to say in person
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