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Re: How to get DD to take a bottle HELP ASAP!

If you pump from the empty breast for a few times your breasts will start to supply more milk than your dh demands. Remember it's supply and demand so even if you were to pump after she fed and got nothing after a couple days there would be some. Also you can try some galactogs like fenugreek to boost your supply so you have some the pump. I agree it is most likely the formula and not the bottle
Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
I wish I could pump from one side, but she drains both at each feeding. She drains me in 5 minutes flat. She is a power nurser.
I know what you mean about the bottle, but I just need to get out once in a while and she was 4 weeks early so spoons might not work.
I tired the cup, but no luck. I think it might be the flavor of the formula. Maybe i should set my alarm at night and get up and pump. She does most of her nursing during the day, and sleeps well at night.
Any suggestions on formula types?
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