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Tell me about Grande Prairie, Alberta

My husband I are considering moving there. I've done a fair bit of research and we did just spend a couple days there. So I'm just wondering what it's like to raise a family there? We have a 13 month old and are hoping for more soon. Are there lots of playgroups, things to do? I've heard you have to pay for water? Is it pretty pricey with washing diapers? How is the cost of living? Groceries, heating, etc. I'm in Northern BC, so the price of everything is ridiculous!! How is the health care? Is it pretty easy to find a good Doctor? Hmmm I'm sure I had more questions, but can't think of them right now. So just tell me everything you think I would need to know!!! Just please don't overload me with all the negative...I know that every place has it's good and it's bad!
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