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Re: Tell me about Grande Prairie, Alberta

I haven't lived there, but we looked at it about a year ago (my dh was asked about transferring there, but then got sent somewhere else). Other than the distance north (we are from Calgary) we thought it looked like a good place to raise a family. One of his colleagues was transferred there and have been there just over a year, I saw them recently and she said they were really enjoying it. they have four kids and she said the kids are really liking it and the year has flown by. It sounded like a positive move for their family. There is a cloth diaper store there, and it has a facebook page-pm me if you want me to send you the info on it. As for health care, it would be the same as elsewhere in Canada (universality is one of the covenants of the Health Act), but it is a decent sized town so i imagine most ammenities are available (beyond the really specialized stuff).
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