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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

I actually hid the paci from the LC at the hospital so she wouldn't know I was giving it to her. She was the BF nazi and I didn't feel like getting any lectures about nipple confusion. We aren't having any latch issues because of it so no biggie to me, I like that she will take one if she is having a hard time falling asleep. She doesn't demand it any other times either.

On the other hand though, my older DD awas bottle fed and had a very hard time giving it up. She was paci addicted! She would wake up in the middle of the night if it fell out (I made jokes to the hubby about taping it to her mouth - she was THAT addicted!) I finally got it down to naptime and bedtime only at 2, until the MIL came to visit and kept giving it to her when I wasn't looking. Took another year to break it after that!

So, lesson learned, to me pacis are good but need to be cut out before an addiction develops!!
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