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Re: Intervention to end BFing?!

Originally Posted by vmomma View Post
I will say, that after 2 years of nursing to sleep and being the only person who can put her down for a nap or to bed.....I will NOT be doing that with my next child. My parter will be putting the next one down 50% of the time because Violet will absolutely not let anyone else put her to sleep, except the one with the boob. It's nice for a while, but It would be really nice if I could get a break once in a while. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to put her to bed and then she will often wake up multiple times when she realizes I'm not in the bed with her. Not so cute after 2 years. I have things I would like to do after she goes to sleep!! I think I will nurse, then hand off to dad and he can put the next one down 50%. As much as I love nursing my baby to sleep. She's driving me nutzo right now

We started the same routine when DS turned 12 months. I nurse DS for about 15-20 minutes or until very sleepy, then DH takes him and lays him in his crib. He usually fusses for about 30 seconds and then goes to sleep. FYI we coslept until 8 months when DS started STTN, then he moved to the crib. We've slowly changed the bedtime routine to add DH in more so that I'm not the only one that can put him down Good luck mama!
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