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Re: leaking already. . . will it dry up?

I started leaking around 36 weeks with DS and around 11 weeks with the twins. I don't think it means you will make more or less milk necessarily, it just means it's hanging out in there, LOL. I wonder if having previous children and having milk come in before has any effect on when you leak, but I don't know.
I did notice as time went on I leaked less, but then again since I've been bfing my twins I don't leak very much anyway. I think my boobs just got better control or something, LOL.
I agree, do not pump or try to express it if you're not currently bfing. It can start preterm labor and although you may not have a high risk pg pumping a whole bunch of milk out when it wasn't already there (assuming you would even get anything out) might just go against what your body wants to do, kwim?
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