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Re: feeling wierd

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
You shouldn't check yourself or have your DH check you unless you both know what you're looking for. It can increase infection, accidentally strip your membranes, or can give you a false reading.
I have to disagree with the above. It doesn't take a medical degree to check your cervix. I checked my cervix in both of my pregnancies, as have multiple other mamas on here without ANY ill effects. It's YOUR body! Just be gentle and you'll be fine! (Although I recognize that not everyone can reach.)

The chance of introducing infection is much greater with intimate encounters than it is gently checking your cervix with clean hands. And you'd have to be pretty aggressive to strip your own membranes (if you've had this done, you know it's not gentle probing).

As for the false reading, if you know your body, you probably know better than any doctor or midwife whether or not there are any changes.

I was in pre-term labour and on strict bed rest with my DD starting at 28 weeks. My midwives encouraged my to gently check my cervix when I was worried. The result? I was comforted by seeing for myself that I wasn't dilating any more, I knew when I was dilating and needed their help, I got to know my body very well, and DD was actually born 8 days past her due date!
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