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Re: Weaning from bottle HELP PLEASE

We are weaning DS, 18 months from his bottle right now. My other children were breast fed only and transition to a cup seamed so much easier. Anyhow, DS has sensory issues and the Early Intervention people want us to wean him from his bottles so this is what we have been doing, on their advice....we have been watering down the bottles bit by bit. It's taken us a couple of months, but he has learned that the milk he likes is in the cups and the bottles he loved so much aren't full of that yummy milk he loves so much. He's now down to two bottles a day, the morning and right before bed bottles and they only have about 2 ounces of milk, the rest is water. It's safe and it won't hurt him like curdled milk if he drinks it and it encourages him to look for his milk in the cup and get his calories in other places instead of the bottles. We've come a long way...because of his sensory issues (SID) he was up to 1 gallon of milk in 24 hours and now he's down to a much more reasonable amount.

Good's not easy! I wouldn't be worried about my DS weaning if it wasn't for daycare not allowing bottles in his toddler group and EI pushing us to get him off because they feel it's best. He actually went to bed tonight without a bottle for the first time ever!!! I bought him some of those cups with the flip up straw thingy and he used them today and I think that helped to satisfy his sucking have to find what works best for your child.
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