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S/O Did you discuss parenting w/partner before you married?

I was reading in another thread about someone discussing and comprimising on parenting ideas before getting married. I wondered if any of you did this and how you have dealt with changing ideas as you have matured as a mom. I for one when I was first pregnant and getting married. I swore my child would be in a crib in their own room, I would never nurse in public, I would be going back to work so I was only nursing for 6 weeks, and I would never have considered cloth diapers.

By the time I had a 2 week old most of this had changed. I was nursing in public, but just could not figure out how to do it with a blanket so that was not an option.

as for sleeping in her own room let alone own bed. I tried to put her in her room couldn't bear the thought of one of the cats being in her room when I closed the door and waking up to a dead child. So i moved her to our room in a cradle. That only lasted half a night before she was in my bed and that is where she stayed.

My DH just had to go along with it as this was a learning process for us.

I had turned in my notice to quit by the time she was 4 weeks old and planned to nurse for 6 months or until I got bit. (guess what she is 3 and still nursing)

by the time she was 6 weeks old she had this horrible rash so I fashined some gerber prefolds into a cloth diaper, I had pins from a game at my baby shower, so I made good use of it. It cleared up the rash and anytime they had a rash up to a year ago that is what I did. I went full time cloth a year ago.

I am a super safety nut now and that was not how I planned things to be. I also use timeout, when I planned a good butt spanking was the best. I have to say I have matured as a parent in the last 3 years and changed all my original ideas, that I don't think it is possible to discuss every single problem that is going to come up before the walk down the aisle. I just wondered if anyone else has changed as much as I have or if I am just weird.

***This is not a bash or insult to the original poster of the comment, This is to see if I am the only one that has changed this much***.
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