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Re: How do you organize...

I recently changed the place I store my diapers. I used to use dd's pack and play which had a changing table as part of it. I stored the diapers in the bassinet area and changedd her on the changing table part, she was getting near the weight limit for it though so we got the cheapest shelving system IKEA has, It cost $20 and we plan on finishing it to match the rest of our furniture in the bedroom. I just change her on the floor and have all the diapers I normally use on the bottom two shelves. Here is a pic:

If I were in your situation Amanda, and needed to store lots of diapers in different sizes I would get two shelves and bins to go with them. This is a picture of my dd's playroom (It's supposed to be her bedroom, but she sleeps with us). We're planning on finishing the shelves in here too, but haven't decided how to paint them yet, but it gives you an idea of what I'm talking about.

Something else to consider is under the bed bins (they have wheels on them and are short so you can roll them from under the bed really easily) or closet shelving if you want something that is out of the way, but easily accessable.

I store all my fabric in big clear bins according to type of fabric (outer, absorbant, woven) and have them stacked in our spare bedroom. HTH
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