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Re: Car seat laws? What is your opinion.

We're an 8 and 80 state as well. I too agree that it should be a worse offense to not have children properly restrained. I like the weight and age limits we have, but I wish parents would get more than a slap on the hand for not following them. I do hope that with the new AAP guidelines, they make it mandatory to rear face until 2.

IMO, every child should have the right to be as safe as possible in the car. They shouldn't have to suffer-or be killed-because their parents felt that it wasn't anyones business whether they were buckled properly or not or because their kid doesn't like it. So what? Are you going to give into every little thing your child wants? Thats a recipe for disaster. There is nothing even remotely wrong with them learning that in certain situations, they have to deal with it. Yes, with a very young baby, I'd pull over, check a diaper, check if they're hungry, check to make sure they are comfortable, and then get back on the road. With an older baby, no, not unless we were on the road for quite a while.

I'll take a crying baby over a hurt/dead baby ANY DAY. Car accidents happen all.the.time. If you chose to stick your kid in a booster seat too early, even a minor accident can send them flying through the windshield. Turning them forward facing too early and a fairly minor accident can still hurt their spine. Why would you want to endanger your child like that? Even the most cautious drivers can't prevent others from driving like idiots...
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