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Re: Car seat laws? What is your opinion.

Four years ago a girl I went to high school was in a car accident.

She was going 60mph (roughly) down a 2 lane highway when another car going 60mph (roughly) crossed the center lane and hit her head on. Three out of the four restrained adult passengers in the other car were killed instantly, the 4th later died of her injuries. The girl I KNEW died instantly. Her 1 year old, rear facing, restrained daughter walked away without a scratch. Not a scratch. I do not want to imagine what would have happened to that little girl if she'd been forward facing, yet alone not restrained. She would have died just like the other 5 people in the crash.

My child's life is non-negotiable. I love my children and it breaks my heart that they get upset in the vehicle but I would prefer upset for 30 minutes vs dead forever. And one time my oldest son screamed non-stop in the car for almost 60 minutes (the roads were not safe for pulling over, I was afraid of someone sliding off the road and hitting me). Again, I'd prefer upset over dead.
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