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Re: Car seat laws? What is your opinion.

Originally Posted by SunDancerAcres View Post
all of mine by age 4 could get out of a 5 point. the only thing they couldnt get out of was a lap belt that tightens as you wiggle.
If they figured out the 5 point buckles, get a different kind. Seriously. I could get out of mine as a kid, but the ones I have now are impossible for my kids to figure out. Even my 8 year old can't get them out. There are lots of different types. That and with a 4 month old that arguement is kinda silly...

If your ds is 4 months old, I'm not sure what you're trying to ask...are you wanting to hold him in the car? I don't think you'll get any validation from anyone here for that...and even if you're in a small town, with rare accidents...they happen. So ask yourself-if you were the unfortunate one to get into an accident and your baby died as a result of you not wanting him to cry, how would you feel? Thats what made me decide to keep my kids rear facing. I could not handle the guilt.
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